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"Favorite. Treat. Ever. The happy hamsters are in love with these yummy treats! The pure delight on their faces says it all! This shop deserves a Michelin star!"

-Jane, Peanut Butter Hamster Treats

It Started with Peach

When I first got Peach, a 7 month old female guinea pig, she was a special case. She had a neurological issue that caused her to have trouble standing on her back legs. I would make her homemade treats, which were her favorite and comfy beds to lay in. I decided to launch a business to share the treats and beds she loved, and it has only grown from then on!

"Adorable packaging, and the girls tried them last night and all 6 rats say '10 out of 10, now give us more!'"

-Emily, Mixed Berry Hamster Treats

"AMAZING!!! Packaged extremely well and such good quality!!! My hamster absolutely loved them and they were perfectly priced!! Definitely will be shopping again!!"

-Liv, Flax Spray Bundle